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-- [ application ] --
.age. 14
.location. dalton, PA
.favorite song by xtina. dirrrty =D
.bush or kerry. KERRY!!
.xtina | blonde or black hair? [which looks better?]. blonde with extencines
.opinion on same sex marriages. i tottal support it!
.opinion on abortion. it should be illegal unless its rape.... tru dat!

.opinion on brit/madonna kiss. well xtina kissed her too ... but xtina is more of a bad ass so i think thats why they made it a bigger deal that inocent lil brit kissed her!
.why you wanna join this community. well .. cuz i love cristina .. i make kewl icons .. and i wanna help promt if u help me with my community =)
.3+ of your fav pics of christina.

thats my absolute FAV!! right thurr!

i love that one tooo!

i love that one too theres my fav's =)

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+ abortion
+ same sex marriages
+pics of xxxtina.. very sexy*

yes. go vote and promote.
I like the last one a lot. She'd make a great model if she wasn't 5'2.