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Sorry I'm Not A Virgin, Sorry I'm Not A Slut!

<font face="arial narrow">
.name. Angela Marie
.age. 17
.location. Michigan
.favorite band or artist. I dont have a fav. I listen to lots of stuff! But Christina is by far my fav artist!
.favorite song. sorry dont have a fav
.bush or kerry. neither but if i had to choose i guess karry cus i just dont like bush one bit!
.xtina | blonde or black hair? [which looks better?]. i lovvve her black hair but i like alot of her diff styles its what makes her so awesome
.opinion on same sex marriages. i feel that people should have the right to marry whom-ever they'd like. its about love not sex race or anything else!
.opinion on abortion. im pro-choice but only if its for good reasons
.why you wanna join this community. bc im totally in love with chritsina aguilera and yeah
.3+ of your fav pics of christina.

its hard to choose...


i love her hair here i did something like that once...




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